"We are worth these incredible opportunities. We deserve to be seen," wrote the actress in a passionate Instagram post.

Dominique Hobdy
Dec, 14, 2016

Danielle Brooks is further solidifying her moniker as the "voice of the curves" as she calls out America's Next Top Model for what she believes to be a major oversight.

The famed competition show, which made it's return to the small screen via VH1 on December 12, features a markedly diverse cast yet no plus-size women were chosen to compete.

Brooks took to her Instagram page to air out her grievances saying, "As a plus woman being seen only 1% of the time is a real thing. Period. After watching #ANTM last night I was super excited to see my girl Ashley Graham but bummed out not to see any plus contestants."

In it's 13-year history, ANTM has featured predominately "traditional sized" models with a small sprinkling of curvy women -- including Toccara from Cycle 3 and Whitney Thompson of Cycle 9.

Brooks, along with well-known plus size model Tess Holiday pointed out the irony in the show choosing curvy supermodel Ashley Graham as a judge, while leaving curvy women out of the competition.

Brooks went on to affirm that she's committed to speaking out for curvy girls everywhere saying, "I'm going to continue to push back and speak up for that young girl that wants to model, wants to act, wants to be upfront and needs to be reminded that she is just as deserving as anyone else."

Go, Danielle!