Celebrity beauty artist Damone Roberts recently sat down with his good friend Kelly Rowland to chat about her new haircut, new music, and how she remains so fabulous with such a busy lifestyle… DAMONE ROBERTS: You were a part of one of the world’s top selling groups of all time. Does the significance of that amazing achievement ever register with you? KELLY ROWLAND: It’s so surreal, even to this day. Destiny’s Child was a dream come true. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would claim that title. Hard work goes a long way. ROBERTS: You have also given us some amazing solo material. Having Kelly Rowland on my iPod while I’m working out always gives me that final push. I’m loving that new track I heard from your upcoming CD. What can we expect from the new record and what is the date it will be available for all to hear? ROWLAND: Since I feel so empowered, I am speaking and expressing myself from that point of view. The sound and mood are very upbeat, fun and motivating! The release is slated for 2011. ROBERTS: Was there a pivotal point in your life when you realized that this is your destiny (no pun intended)? Was there a “Kelly Rowland” who inspired you? ROWLAND: Whitney Houston inspired me, from the very beginning. I love her! Thank you Whitney! ROBERTS: How have you grown as an artist throughout the years? ROWLAND: Confidence, the power of the mind is amazing. I’ve had to put my “Big-girl” grown-ass-woman shoes on. ROBERTS: Every time we speak, you are in another part of the world. How do you keep that amazing body so fit with your incredibly busy schedule? ROWLAND: It’s simple: exercising, combined with the foods I love (sugar, anything fried and smothered… all in moderation) with no eating after 7 pm is how I manage to stay fit. ROBERTS: You recently made worldwide headlines when you cut off all your hair. I must say that is when I thought, you could not get any hotter… then you took it up another notch. I love it! What made you decide to do something so drastic? ROWLAND: I love my short hair and I missed it! I’ve had it from the very beginning, now it’s back, but just changed up a bit! ROBERTS: What are some beauty tips you can share with your fans to help them put their best face forward? ROWLAND: Never sleep in makeup. Drink enough water so you are flushing out your system daily, I mean it flush, flush, flush!!!! Pick a regime and the right products that work just for you! ROBERTS: What are your wardrobe essentials for fall 2010? ROWLAND: My Alexander McQueen coats. Yay! ROBERTS: What other artistic endeavors would you like to sink your teeth into eventually? ROWLAND: Designing… a jewelry line, sunglasses, as well as additional TV and film roles. ROBERTS: What have you learned in your personal journey thus far? ROWLAND: Always trust your gut!! It never leads you astray!!

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