ESSENCE Magazine is excited to name Constance C.R. White as the new Editor-in-Chief of the 40-year-old brand. White is a veteran journalist, editor, author, and culture and style expert.

“As a visionary and consummate communicator, Constance has established an unparalleled connection across multiple platforms,” said ESSENCE President Michelle Ebanks. “Constance is passionate about the needs of Black women and making sure that they have the tools to make their boldest dreams come true.”

The new Editor-in-Chief said that she is “thrilled” to be joining the publication.

“I myself have been a reader and a fan of ESSENCE,” White said. “It’s been a guide for me throughout my life. It’s been a magazine that I’ve turned to again and again and I’m excited to be able to serve the reader as the Editor-in-Chief of ESSENCE. Stay tuned!”