Colin Powell endorsed President Barack Obama this morning on CBS This Morning.

The leader explained his choice saying, “I signed on for a long patrol with President Obama and I don’t think this is the time to make such a sudden change. I think we ought to keep on the track we are on.”

Powell, a well known Republican and former Secretary of State for President George W. Bush, endorsed Obama in 2008. He also seems to be pleased with Obama’s progress on many hot-button issues affecting the nation. “Generally, we’ve come out of the dive and we’re starting to gain altitude.” Powell acknowledges one remaining issue—the economy. “The unemployment rate is too high,” says Powell, “people are still hurting in housing, but I see we’re starting to rise up.” In addition to his approval, Powell applauds Obama’s efforts to end two wars and avoid starting another.

Gov. Mitt Romney has not proven himself to Powell, who has found flaws in his foreign policy position. “The governor, who was saying things at the debate on Monday night… was saying things that were quite different from what he said earlier,” says Powell. “I’m not quite sure which Gov. Romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy.”

Neither candidate was forewarned about Powell’s endorsement today. Powell mentioned that he spoke with Romney a few weeks ago and that he speaks with President Obama regularly.