Before Cici taught us how to level up, or the prayer we needed for our very own Russell Wilson, she was showing us her “goodies”—in the best way possible.

“I can’t even believe it’s 15 years ago, it’s blowing my mind,” said Ciara in an interview celebrating the Goodies 15th anniversary. 

The singer, who was just 18 years old when she topped the Billboard charts with her debut hit, was a breath of fresh air and reminded us of the magic we loved from artists such as Janet Jackson and Aaliyah.

“I had this one song, ‘Goodies,’ and I thought, ‘this is going to change my life.’ That was my attitude and my belief in that song and true indeed, the song came out and it was the perfect way for me to start off my career.”

The track was written by Ciara along with Sean Garrett and produced by Lil Jon. A huge commercial hit, “Goodies” and sat #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks.

Since Goodies release, she’s since gone on to sell over 23 million albums worldwide. Last February, the Grammy winner launched her own record and entertainment company, Beauty Marks Entertainment.

“I was really proud to be part of the new movement and the new sound that was really created by Lil Jon. It was having those bass heavy records, a little more hip-hop leaning, but when you mix it with the pop and R&B melodies, it created a really unique sound. Lil Jon came in with a fresh sound and went against the grain of what traditional pop was for the time period and I was the first girl to do it, so I was really proud of that and will be forever proud of that. I had a lot of attitude then and that attitude hasn’t left.”


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