11 Gifts For The Budding Ava DuVernay In Your Life

Sydney Scott Nov, 10, 2017

Despite a long history of Black people slaying in front of and behind the camera, Hollywood is finally beginning to recognize Black women’s amazing achievements.

It’s too soon to tell if this new push for diversity will last, but with women like Ava DuVernay, Lena Waithe, and Issa Rae pushing the boundaries of film and television, we have no doubt that the girls and women inspired by them will continue to create work that shines a light on Black culture.

Got an aspiring filmmaker on your Christmas list who’s looking for inspiration or tools to create their own work? Here are a few gifts they might enjoy.

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This perfectly minimal poster serves up a ton of inspiration. Hang it on your wall for constant good vibes from one of the best filmmakers around.

available at The Film Artist $12.00+ Hang It Up!

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This camcorder has everything an aspiring filmmaker needs to get started at a price that won't break the bank. One reviewer even wrote, "Light weight, high definition, and easy to use. Even my son who is 4-years-old can play it very well."

available at Amazon $119.99 Start Filming!

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Hands a little shaky? Get a clear, steady shot with this lightweight tripod, perfect for carrying around if you're shooting in various locations.

available at Amazon $23.49 Get A Steady Shot!

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If your gift-giving budget is tight, we suggest getting your favorite budding filmmaker a lens kit for their phone. Our cellphones are capable of just about everything, including shooting pretty good video. Remember 2015's critically-acclaimed Tangerine? That was shot entirely on an iPhone 5S.

available at Amazon $24.99 Zoom In!

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If you take the iPhone filmmaking route, you're going to need a powerful battery to keep your phone charged while you're shooting. 

available at Amazon $49.99 Charge It Up!

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Like DuVernay, Shonda Rhimes knows good TV. Get a lesson from the woman behind TGIT with lifetime access to Rhimes' master class on writing for television.

available at MasterClass $90 Learn A Little

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The Dial Press

Baldwin's book-length essay is the perfect reflection on some of Hollywood's most iconic stars and films. Baldwin mixes the personal with incisive cultural criticism.

available at Amazon $5.99+ Read It!

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hooks is another writer who perfectly examines race, gender, and class through a cultural lens. Reel to Real mixes cultural commentary and conversations with filmmakers to create a must-read for anyone interested in film.

available at Amazon $14.55+ Read It!

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Netflix is fantastic, but if the person on your list is a little pickier, Mubi has a great selection of curated films. Is your aspiring filmmaker more of a horror fan? Check out Shudder

available at Mubi $5.99 Watch!

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A Movie Lover's Journal is the perfect way to keep track of films you love or hate with guided exercises and prompts.

available at Amazon $19.95 Write It Down!

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Brush up on your film and TV knowledge with this fun trivia game that may spark a few ideas about your own projects. 

available at Amazon $24.89 + Play!