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[BLANK_AUDIO] You and Chrissy have such an incredible relationship. We just love you two together. How do you keep the love going with just all of the craziness happening? Well I think you have to start with the basis of just respect Their love for each other. And when you have that foundation, then you try to make everything work because there's always gonna be challenges, there's always gonna be difficulties, whether you're famous, whether you're not famous. There's gonna be difficulties in your relationship, and you have to start with the foundation that you believe that the relationship is worth working for and worth saving no matter what. And so that's how we feel about it and [MUSIC] We're committed. We wanna stay with each other forever. That's so sweet. And we wanna raise a big family and we're committed to doing that and we're gonna work through whatever challenges. Yes we have. I follow you both on Insta- Yes And Twitter, and she is the queen of clap back. Yes. Okay, aint nobody saying nothing about Chrissy's thing with Legend. [LAUGH] Like it's not gonna have- She likes to let go but she'll call out certain people and- Yeah. We always talk about how she has a sense of justice- Yes. Where she wants people to know when they did wrong. [LAUGH] And so she will mete out justice, sometimes, on Twitter. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Chrissy Teigen On That Time John Legend Tried To Break Up With Her: 'He Was Being A Whiny Face'

11 years later, the breakup is still a running joke in their relationship.


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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may have been going strong for more than a decade, but the love birds have had some bumps in the road along the way.

Both Teigen, 31, and 38-year-old Legend have opened up about the time the singer attempted to break up with Teigen. But now, years later, they can both laugh about that turbulent time in their relationship.

The supermodel tweeted on Monday tweeted an article about the short-lived breakup, writing, “11 years later, baby.”

“It wasn’t a a typical breakup,” the mom of one wrote in a follow-up tweet. “He was on tour and his voice hurt and he was being a whiny face about everything and so yeah, I was like ‘no.’ ”

It was Legend’s recent interview with The Guardian that prompted Teigen’s trip down memory lane.

“I was really stressed and busy,” he told the publication of the rough patch. “I was just like, ‘I’d just be happier single right now,’ and she was like, ‘No.’ ”

The split lasted for less than a day (as Teigen previously recalled), and the couple were quickly back together.

“She pushes me to be funnier,” he says. “Not because she’s trying to. I think it’s just being around her. And to be bolder.”

In the years since the snafu, the stars have become a constant source of #RelationshipGoals with Legend being the most loving celebrity husband around.

Teigen and the R&B singer wed in 2013 in Italy after becoming engaged in 2011.

Teigen talked previously about the brief breakup in last year’s December issue of Cosmopolitan, revealing that she and her husband laugh about the ordeal now.

“I always joke, ‘Remember when you tried to break up with me?’ He’s like, ‘Yes, sorry. Big mistake,’ ” she said.