Forever Funny: 11 Of Charlie Murphy's Most Hilarious Moments

We almost couldn't decide which hilarious clips to include from the comedian, who passed away on April 12, 2017 after a battle with cancer.

We’re still in shock at the loss of Charlie Murphy, who passed away at the young age of 57 from leukemia. 

The comedian and actor brought joy to world with his gritty, no-chaser comedic style. In addition to being Eddie Murphy’s brother, Charlie was also known for having many friends in Hollywood who he collaborated with for his most famous projects

From Harlem Nights to Chappelle’s Show, here are a couple of our favorite moments through the years.

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Rick James

Murphy is probably most recognized by Millenials from his work with Dave Chapelle. His most iconic skit from the Comedy Central Chapelle's Show was a series of stories he told about hanging around musician, Rick James. “Rick James is a habitual line stepper,” Murphy said. “He would go over the top and I would check him.”

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The Boondocks as Ed Wuncler III

On the adult cartoon, Murphy played “Ed Wuncler III,” a white “thug” who was always getting caught up in idiotic schemes. 

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Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince

Prince spoke about the famous 'Chapelle's Show’ sketch where Murphy goes toe-to-toe with him on the basketball court. “And to be honest, it ain’t that I’m so great,” Prince confessed about the skit. “He’s just bad.” When asked about the pancakes that they allegedly ate after the match, Prince said, “Well, I didn’t make them. But yea, we had pancakes. I loved it. It was great.”

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GGN Charlie Murphy Got Stories

Murphy opened up to his longtime friend Snoop Dogg on his interview show GGN Hood News. “That was the best part of the whole thing because Redd Fox was very approachable and he was everybody’s grandfather, type of character,” he said about being in Harlem Nights. “He’ll let you come in his trailer and tell you stories about back in the 30s and 40s.”

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CB4 as “Gusto”

A Hip-Hop classic comedy film, Murphy starred as the villain who was reclaiming his gangster throne from Chris Rock’s character. 

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Black Jesus

From 2014 to 2015 Murphy starred in Aaron McGruder’s Black Jesus. A skeptic of the “messiah,” Murphy delivered hot takes every episode. 

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On his love of The Dog Whisperer

Standup was a way Murphy could talk about his daily life musings and obsessions. In this one, he talks about his love of 'The Dog Whisperer.' “I don’t care where your dog has been, or what he’s been through. Your dog could have just come back from Michael Vick’s house. Cesar [Millan] will train him in one half hour.”

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Stand-up for Arsenio Hall

Another great standup moment was on The Arsenio Hall Show where Murphy talked about surviving Hurricane Sandy in his New Jersey home. “Yes, I do smoke weed, every now and then,” he admitted, “Like once an hour.”

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Talking about Grambling University visit on The Breakfast Club

For his sit-down with Power 105's hit show, Murphy made an heckling incident at Grambling University comedic relief. 

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Player Hater’s Ball

Even off camera, Murphy was funny. In this clip he’s seen goofing around with Chappelle during a skit. 

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As hood Sesame Street character

Dressed as a hood version of "Oscar the Grouch,” Murphy was hilarious in this 'Chappelle's Show' clip. “I don’t believe you papi,” he sings. “He may be rich, but he ain't happy.  Tells you about work and you want to be him. But when’s the last time you see him?”

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