‘The Breakfast Club’s’ Charlamagne Tha God Opens Up About Being Molested As A Child For ‘UNCENSORED’
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Charlamagne Tha God recently opened up on an episode of TV One’s UNCENSORED about how Tyler Perry helped him understand that he was molested as a child.

The radio host and author revealed that at 8-years-old he was molested by his cousin’s ex-wife and didn’t realize it until he saw an interview between Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry.

“I was molested when I was 8 years old by my cousin’s ex-wife,” he says in a clip from the docu-series. “I didn’t even realize it was something wrong until I saw Tyler Perry on Oprah Winfrey…I thought why is he crying but I enjoyed it? It made me wonder if something was wrong with me? I can’t really remember how it started, but I know it happened a few times.”

Charlamagne has talked about being molested as a child before, even tweeting about running into the woman who abused him. The radio host also tackles the issue in his book Black Privilege. 

For UNCENSORED, the radio host delved into his feelings about the incident and how it affected him later in life.

Charlamagne adds that after he told the woman to stop, she would call him ugly and make fun of the way he looked,” She would just try to demean me from that point on.”

UNCENSORED airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TV One.