Change Is Waiting: Don’t Miss It
Keith Major

I didn’t have the relationships, knowledge or resources! All I had was a gift and a dream. But no matter how much I tried to “talk sense into” my dreams and put them off until another day… it became increasingly clear that I needed to ACT!

I always knew that I wanted to write and speak. While some kids played video games, I preferred playing news reporter. That is, of course, when I wasn’t prancing around with a towel on my head and a brush in my hand, pretending to be Diana Ross.

Life took unexpected turns and my bout with depression led me to focus on living a “safe” life. But as I healed and rebounded, my dreams began to stir!

So without knowing how it would all come together, I did what I knew to do. I purchased a book on self-publishing, my sister found a makeup artist and photographer and I gathered estimates from a short press run. I got ready—so that I could be ready—when opportunity knocked on my door!

But I still had a money problem. (The printer didn’t accept dreams as a payment option!) Two days before my photo shoot, I received a completely unexpected one-time bonus check for $1,200. It was just enough to cover my printing costs!

Today I know—like I did years ago—it is time to act! I don’t know how it will all come together, but I will be ready to act when it does! Life may have limits, but I will live with a possibility-focused mind!

I don’t know where you are in life, but believe me—life will change. How it changes will be determined by your thoughts and perspective. Great things are happening… so let’s position ourselves for success. Our New Year begins today! If you don’t want to miss it, start by:

1. Choosing Your Focus: We have to think on a higher level than our current experience if we want to see change. A famine mentality focuses on lack. If you focus on your hunger, your desperation will be your undoing. True abundance doesn’t reside behind dollar signs or any tangible, measurable thing! Real wealth is a state of being. Focusing on what you do have will help you grow and create the change you want.

2. Honoring Your Instincts: I spent the Thanksgiving weekend alone, getting my environment and business ready! I missed the company of family and friends, but radical change requires radical action. All around me—even from complete strangers—the same message keeps coming… be ready! I can ignore it and stay the same. Or, I can heed it and believe for a difference. I choose to believe.

3. Walking in Integrity: When we compromise our integrity, we trade pieces of our soul for something temporal. We can’t even enjoy the trade, because what we lose is far more than what we gain. There are no short cuts to greatness—anyone who tells us differently is milking our pain for their own gain. Do what you know to be right and your season will surely come. If we act in faith, we will be rewarded!

Set a timer for two minutes. Write down the things you “CAN DO” to see a change. Immediately, act on something today and make a daily list from now until December 31st. For my ESSENCE family, I am partnering with Restoration Weekend to gift you the “DON’T MISS IT!” Teleseminar. Register for FREE by clicking HERE.

My change is coming and I stay ready for my breakthroughs!

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