Chanel Iman Talks Diversity in Fashion: Has it Changed?
Donna Ward/Getty Images

Has the fashion industry really become more diverse? According to model Chanel Iman, yes and no.

The gorgeous supermodel — who has graced the cover of Vogue and runways of Versace, Balenciaga and the like — has been modeling since her teens.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, she was asked whether she had seen a diversity change in the industry since she first started modeling:

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“I think it was a struggle when I first started, just because it was always one black girl per show, or campaign, or whatever it was,” she explained. “I couldn’t stand it, because I just felt like I was being judged a lot, rather than accepted for who I was.”

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But she added that it seems like there industry is opening up to “more color on the runway.”

“..but of course there’s room for more of it, and more diversity. It’s nice to be part of a culture change.”

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Here’s to seeing more of Chanel and other models of color in this cut-throat industry.

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