Chance The Rapper Live Streams His Police Stop: ‘Can’t Be Too Careful’
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In the wake of a number of horrifying incidents involving people of color and police at traffic stops in this country, Chance the Rapper was extra cautious when the car he was in was pulled over.

The musician was with the mother of his daughter Kensli, Kirsten Corley, who was the one driving when they were pulled over by a police officer on Sunday in Chicago  — which caused him to pull out his phone and immediately livestream it on his Instagram account.

When Corley asked him if he was recording, Chance said yes, adding, “I’m not playing around.”

“Just want y’all to be here in case it gets out of hand,” Chance told his followers. “Should be good though. Should be straight. I have great faith in humanity and the men and women that put on the badge — but, you know, you can’t be too careful.”

The Grammy award winner explained that he was in the car with Corley and Kensli, and that there were no weapons or drugs in the car, adding, “policing as a system is disproportionately racist and oppressive.”

“I appreciate y’all watching me,” he told the camera. “Just please stay on until this traffic stop is over.”

My mentors treated me to lunch 💪🏾

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The video cut to the police officer handing Corley a warning for a moving violation and wishing them a good day.

“See, I knew he was a good dude,” Chance said. “I don’t have any problems with the men and women that put on the badge.”

Also on Sunday, the “Blessings” rapper shared a photo of himself with his “mentors” Kanye West and Dave Chapelle.

“My mentors treated me to lunch,” he wrote in the caption.


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