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Chance The Rapper Isn’t Here For Trump's Comments On Chicago

The rapper said it "sounds like he was announcin’ he was going to war with Chicago.”
Chance The Rapper Isn’t Here For Trump’s Comments On Chicago
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

One of the things Donald Trump talked about regularly during his presidential campaign––and still tweets about when he’s trying to take attention away from how bad the first month of his presidency has been––is inner city violence. 

Trump has tweeted about the city of Chicago a number of times, once declaring that he’d send in the Feds to stop the violence.

Well, Chicago native Chance the Rapper and Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler spoke to The Undefeated about the city, and the conversation eventually turned to Trump’s comments. 

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“I hope he’s coming in to do some type of federal overturn of our state and city budgets in terms of schooling and housing,” Chance told the online publication, “I’m tired of n—–s talkin’ about Chicago like it’s a Third World country. Like, that it’s not a place of booming business with a very successful downtown and all types of new development. It sounds like he was announcin’ he was going to war with Chicago. I don’t like to look at s— through that lens.”

Butler added, “I just think it’s hard to relate to the people here if you can’t relate to them. If you keep throwin’ ’em in a category that they’re violent, no matter if they change or not, they’re still going to be in that category. You go down there and you change people’s lives. You make them want to do better for the next person. “