Chance the rapper has taken on a lot of roles in his new but robust career in the spotlight. He’s aptly named a rapper, he’s an activist having been particularly vocal during the last Presidential election in his hometown of Chicago and he’s also known as being all about Black Boy Joy with a childlike enthusiasm for life but is equally about his business.

Perhaps the most important role in the 23-year-old’s life is him being dad to his look-a-like daughter, Kensli. 

The GQ cover star opened up abuot being a parent of a certain age, still asking his mom and dad for advice and the most embarrasing thing he’s ever done in a relationship. 

“I remember when I was first getting into my career, my mom was very, very hands-on and protective. She’s super smart. I’m a young parent in a relationship, so there’s always relationship advice or parenting advice that I get from my parents,” he shared with the magazine. “My dad has always just been a people person. I still look to my dad for advice.”

Chance’s daughter, who made her social media debut over the holidays, is adorable and just like her father, very musically inclined and already cooler than most after having met The President and First Lady. 

😭😭 now I can't stop 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Look up Kensli, say cheese!

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While both Chance and his longtime girlfriend are enjoying their time as parents, he adds that they are definitely not in a rush to give Kensli any siblings. 

“It’s a lot to try and be a good dad right now. With all the distractions and all the things that I’m limited in doing by living in Chicago and being a person of notoriety. I don’t wanna tack on anything. I want to get my relationship with [Kensli] down pat and also just get older. I’m 23. I had her when I was 22. If I am gonna have more kids, it’ll be a blessing and I’ll accept it as a responsibility and a privilege, but I’m definitely not trying to have more kids right now.”

As for his way with the ladies, The Coloring Book musician shares a funny anecdote that he hasn’t always been that smooth after being embarrassed by his friends and peers about a poem he wrote for his girlfriend in high school and posted it on Facebook. 

“I had a girlfriend in high school and I published a poem on Facebook about her, and I remember everybody flaming my ass for it forever!”