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Chance The Rapper Has Raised $2.2 Million In A Month For Chicago Public Schools

The Chicago Bulls donated $1 million Friday towards the city’s public school system
Chance The Rapper Has Raised $2.2 Million In A Month For Chicago Public Schools
Getty Images/Scott Dudelson

Chance the Rapper is the gift-giver who keeps on giving.. 

The Chicago rapper announced Friday that the Chicago Bulls would be donating $1 million to Public Schools following his commitment to donate the same amount earlier this month.

This means Chance has raised 2.2 million dollars in just under a month

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He also announced a new arts and literature fund. The New Chance Arts & Lit Fund plans to bring arts to schools have seen a decrease in five year graduation rates starting this fall.

“It is my job just as who I am to bring light and attention to public school funding, broken formulas and especially how it affects my hometown where there’s 90 percent minority students,” he said. “We all individually play roles in the betterment of kids of Chicago and it’s an on-going conversation of the detriment of Chicago but we can all really get involved here.”

Chance also made good on his promise to match every $100,000 donation with $10,000 of his own money. He took to Twitter to announce the twelve public schools that would individually receive an additional $10,000 from him.

The Grammy winner was motivated to give back following an uninspiring meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner last month to discuss funding for Chicago Public Schools following the governor’s decision to veto a $215 million school bill in December for political reasons.

“Governor Rauner can use his executive power to give Chicago’s children the resources they need to fulfill their God-Given right to learn,” Chance said. Later adding, “While I’m frustrated and disappointed in the Governor’s inaction, that will not stop me from continuing to do all I can to support Chicago’s most valuable resource.”

 You can catch Chance perform at ESSENCE Festival 2017 this summer.