Our thoughts and prayers are with Chance the Rapper and his family after the loss of his Aunt Kimberly to breast cancer.

On Wednesday, the Chicago-native took to Twitter to share the news as well as a message from his late aunt.

In the tweet, Chance calls his aunt a “warrior,” writing, “My Auntie Kim lost her battle with breast cancer early Sunday morning. She was a warrior and wanted me to share this.”

The rapper followed up with another tweet, further raising awareness about inflammatory breast cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, inflammatory breast cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer because of its quick growth and likelihood to spread. Inflammatory breast cancer is diagnosed through imaging tests like mammograms, PET, CT and MRI scans, as well as breast ultrasounds. 

By sharing his late aunt’s story, the rapper has made more people aware of the dangerous disease, ways of detecting it, and the importance of seeking a doctor’s help as quickly as possible.