Football hottie Chad Ochocinco is the latest celeb to bare it all for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) anti-fur advertisement. The latest “Ink, not Mink” campaign ad features Ochocinco sporting nothing but his skin art, and the tagline reads “Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin, And Let Animals Keep Theirs.” Known for being outspoken, Ochocinco wasn’t about to keep mum about why he signed up for the campaign. “I’m an avid animal lover. I have pets of my own and I’ve had them since I was little,” he says in a video interview. “When I was younger, growing up, I thought it was all fake — they didn’t really kill animals. So once I found out what really happens, I had the opportunity to do this, so I really wanted to become a part of it.” Here is Ochocinco’s exclusive interview with PETA:   Now we know this is for a serious cause and all, but can we just stare at the eye candy for a second ladies? Okay, now we’re back on focus. What’s your stance on fur?

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