31 Celebrity Siblings We Adore!

In honor of National Siblings Day, we've rounded up all your favorite celebrity siblings, plus a few you didn't know were related.

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 10, 2018

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Both the Knowles sisters are successful at what they do.

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We’re certain Diana Ross is beyond proud of her lovely daughters Rhonda Ross Kendrick & Tracee Ellis Ross.

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The Williams sisters learned their craft together, and mastered it together.

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We’ve watched the beautiful Mowry twins grow up right in front of our eyes.

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At just 13 and 10, respectively, the Smith siblings are already triple threats.

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The Campbell sisters keep us inspired.

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Pioneers of hip hop, brothers Rev. Run and Russel Simmons are champions of the arts. Their brother Danny (middle) is also an artist.

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The Simmons girls keep pushing the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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Brandy and Ray-J always keep it in the family.

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The Obama girls light up our lives.

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Siblings don’t get much cuter than Kenzo, Aoki and Ming Lee (pictured here with dad, Djimon Hounsou).

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Master P’s children are just as ambitious as their famous dad.

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Between Eddie and Charlie, we just can’t imagine how much laughter there was in the Murphy household.

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On their reality show, the Braxtons always keep it honest, even when it’s not pretty.

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From “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” to “In Living Color,” the Wayans family made sure we were entertained in the 90s.

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The younger Wayans brothers carry on the family tradition.

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We’ve loved the Jackson brothers since their days as Jackson 5.

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Janet and Latoya's love for their brother Michael did not falter, especially during his toughest days.

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Tasha and Sidra celebrate their birthday Feb. 28.

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The Pointer sisters gave us so many sweet songs.

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We love LisaRaye and Da Brat because they express themselves in their own kind of way.

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The Allen sisters have brought us some of the best moments on television.

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Quincy Jones’ daughters bring their own brand of talent to the table.

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Despite the age difference, these two are as close as can be.

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These two are television veterans and siblings.

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