Celebrity Zodiac: 19 Sagittarius Celebrities To Wish A Happy Birthday

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Move over Scorpios, it’s time for Sagittarius to shine now!

Brutally honest, adventurous and always thinking, these sassy Centaurs are in the spotlight from Nov. 22 to Dec. 21. If you’re a Sag then you’re in good company with celebrities like Nicki Minaj, JAY-Z and Tyra Banks.

Here are the celebrities celebrating their birthdays this season.

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Banks sashayed into the world on December 4.

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JAY-Z celebrates his birthday on Dec 4.

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The “Starships” rapper turns 35 on Dec 8.

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Foxx celebrates the big 5-0 on Dec 13.

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Jackson brought King to the stage in the Broadway hit The Mountaintop.

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The Gap

This tuxedo wearing music prodigy came footworking into the world on Dec 1.

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Tyson turns 93 on Dec 18.  

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Kravitz celebrates her day on Dec 1.

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Mr. Steal Your Girl was born on Nov 28.

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Cheadle’s turn up is Nov 29.

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Turner turns 78 on November 26. You know what they say about how black don’t crack, right!

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Hall’s big day is on Dec 12.

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Symone celebrates her birthday on Dec 10.

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Michael Tran

The iconic broadcaster and two-time cancer survivor turns 57 on Nov 23.

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This funny lady celebrates her birthday on Dec 11.

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This model has a reason to get extra dolled up on Dec 1.

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This Southern Rap Queen turns 39 on Dec 3.

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Mos Def turns 44 on Dec 11.

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Jerritt Clark

London’s birthday is Dec 5.