Janet Jackson Loves Baby Talk and Changing Diapers, Says Tito
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This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.

Forget being nasty — new mom Janet Jackson just wants to play nice (and have a long cuddle) with her baby boy.

“She’s doing all the baby talk to the baby and playing with him constantly — all that stuff,” brother Tito Jackson, who spoke with PEOPLE at the launch of his first solo album Tito Time at London’s Dstrkt nightclub, says of his sister’s relationship with 8-month-old Eissa.

“She changes all the diapers — she does it all. She’s a real mother. She loves it. I asked her, ‘How are you getting along with this?’ and she said, ‘Tito, I love it.’ She just loves her baby,” adds the older Jackson sibling, 63. “She’s great at being a mother. It’s really great. I guess it sort of makes her feel complete.”

Janet, 51, gave birth to Eissa on Jan. 3. Three months later, she split from her husband — Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana — before diving into summer rehearsals for her 56-city State of the World tour, kicking off Sept. 7 at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Just about the only stumbling baby block has come from big brother Tito himself, who found the sight of his youngest sibling holding a baby as something of a shock to the system.

“It was really different for me to see her as a mother,” he tells PEOPLE with a large smile. “It’s her first baby and she has always been the baby in our family, so that was a little strange in itself!”

My baby and me after nap time.

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Tito Time features a blend of soul, pop, R&B, country and reggae, and has been more than 10 years in the making. The initial recording was put on hold following the death of Tito’s superstar brother Michael on Jun. 25, 2009.

“Michael had heard a couple of my songs and he told my producer that he really liked them and that I should complete [the album],” Tito reveals. “He passed away shortly after that and I didn’t work on this music for three or four years.”

According to Tito, the family recently honored his late brother’s Aug. 29 birthday by gathering together at the Jacksons’ Hayvenhurst mansion and playing some of the Thriller musician’s greatest hits.

Paris Jackson also posted a deeply moving Instagram tribute to her dad on the same day, describing him as “the love of my life.”

“I will never feel love again the way I did with you,” added Paris, 19, who was just 11 years old when her father died. “You are always with me and I am always with you.”

“She’s doing well,” says Tito of his niece, who recently made a powerful anti-Nazi speech at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. “She has grown into a fine young lady and we’re all very proud of her. She is doing some beautiful, positive things with her life as well, which is great. I hope she just continues to do so.”

Paris’ younger brother Prince Michael Jackson II – perhaps best known by his nickname Blanket but now known as Bigi – is also “doing well,” says their uncle.

“He’s still a kid. He’s only 15 and he’s enjoying life,” Tito explains. “He’s taking Taekwondo and he’s having lots of fun, just playing video games and hanging out with his younger cousins and stuff. He’s enjoying himself.”

Tito Time is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital music platforms.