Could These Photos Of Serena Williams, Her Husband Alexis Ohanian and Their Daughter Be Any More Adorable?

Lauren Porter Jun, 25, 2018

After Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian welcomed their first child together, baby girl Alexis Olympia, last September, the tiny tot has stolen the heart of her parents…and everyone on Instagram as well. 

From hanging out with her dad to swapping smiles with mom, baby Olympia is too cute to handle.

If these adorable flicks of the Reddit co-founder, the tennis champ and their sweet baby girl don’t cure all your Monday blues, we don’t know what will!

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Olympia is all smiles when her mom is around--and we absolutely get it! 

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Who could be sad looking at Olympia's adorable face?! Serena certainly can't be! 

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Serena and Alexis looked simply amazing as they headed off to the Royal Wedding but really, we can't get over how cute Olympia is! 

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On her dad's shoulders, little Olympia has the best view of the whole wide world! 

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Clearly, Olympia is learning how to work her angles early and her dad is all game to help!

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Yes, Serena, Alexis, and Olympia are the picture perfect family but it's obvious that little Olympia has better things to focus on than the camera!

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Hey mom, say cheese! 

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Yes, Serena is a certified world tennis champ but it's obvious who is running the show--Olympia!

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We can't get enough of cute baby Olympia. Sorry, Alexis!

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Have you ever seen a cuter family photo?!

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Even when she's staring into space, Olympia is a star!

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Dads are the best teachers and we think Olympia would agree!

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Olympia isn't afraid of going for a little swim and it's so cute!