5 Real Pieces Of Advice From Celebrity Moms About Motherhood

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From pregnancy to teaching kids about God, these mothers kept it real with ESSENCE in this special Mother's Day piece.

Being a new mom is no joke, especially without guidance from fellow mommies.

While there’s nothing like an elder’s advice when it comes to parenting, sometimes the fresh perspective of a new mom is comforting and relatable.

Just in time for Mother’s Day we got honest advice from some of our favorite celebrity moms and mom-to-be— below is what they told us in this exclusive roundup.


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"What no one prepared me for, are when the drugs wear off. When they wear off, you realized what your vagina did. Not only your vagina but your entire body, your muscles. I had no clue... like, 'How does my thumb hurt?' I gave birth with my entire being. But then you get over it. It just felt like I'd worked out for nine months straight."

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"I would tell mothers —by the way, what I'm about to say made me so mad when this one mother told me this— but it was 'One day at a time.' I looked at her crazy. She said, 'Honey, the reason why I say one day at a time is because every day that this new human is in your life is going to be something new because they are new here on earth. They're new.' As moms, we wear our emotions and we hold it so close to us and we just can't help ourselves. We have to remember that we just have to pace ourselves because this whole new experience is brand new and I would tell them that they're going to be great."

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“Right when you think you’ve gotten a certain routine under control, they switch it up and you have to learn something new. You have to be willing to learn. As a mother, you’re forever growing and learning.”

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"I always talk to her [Riley] about giving thanks and that there are so many people in this world that don't have an ounce of what she has. I try to keep that into perspective. I know as she grows up it's going to be hard. Everything is so accessible these days, but books help. We just make sure to sit down with her and talk. And not talk to her like she's a child. I talk to her like she's a grown adult. Our kids are smarter than we think and they retain everything. So I just talk to her and hope and pray to God that it gets in there."

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"My mother, my aunts, everyone has been telling me,'You were meant to do this.' Even though I'm scared, I'm not as scared as I am excited and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do this."