Marjorie And Lori Harvey May Be The Chicest Mother-Daughter Duo—Here’s Proof!

Our mothers are usually, if not always, the blueprint for our styles as we come into our womanhood. We can all remember a time when we would play in our mom’s wardrobe and pretend to walk the runway of a Miu Miu or Michael Kors show. One thing’s for sure, if we could raid any mother’s closet, it would be Marjorie Harvey and it looks like her model-turned-entrepreneur daughter Lori Harvey is following right into her fashionable footsteps.

So, we’re kind of in love with Marjorie and Lori’s mother-daughter style. We all know Marjorie is a fashion killer, but there’s just something special that happens when she and her daughter Lori get together for a moment of double the show-stopping slayage. From eating up Saucy Sanatana’s viral “Walk” Challenge on TikTok to killing the red carpet at movie premieres, the Harveys are clearly one of the most fashionable mama bear and baby cub duo to ever walk the face of this Earth.

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In a 2015 interview on her husband Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show, Marjorie gave Lori a piece of advice about dating, going off to college, and navigating her individuality in the industry. “Don’t ever try to fit in when God has clearly created you to stand out,” Marjorie advised the now SKN by LH entrepreneur. “Always be a lady and understand that you are the prize.”

Here are the moments that left us wanting to hit the mall with our mamas right now, do a major wardrobe overhaul, and book the quickest photoshoots for our living rooms!