It’s always sweet when a mother can pass down a special item to her daughter as she grows up, and such was the case when actress Lela Rochon gifted her daughter, Asia Rochon Fuqua, with a special dress to wear for her prom.

Asia showed up to her senior prom wearing a gorgeous red strapless evening gown from her mom’s private collection. Rochon shared sweet family photos from the special occasion on Instagram and fans had to a do a double take. Asia, whose dad is famous director Antoine Fuqua, and her famous mom are twins, and when she slipped into the gown, she looked just like her mom did when she wore it back in the day. “Yes, I saved the dress,” wrote Rochon in her caption. “Wasn’t sure why but now I know. #vintage”

Rochon posted a side-by-side of herself wearing the dress in the 90s and her baby girl looking just as fierce in the gorgeous strapless look in 2021. She also shared a selection of photos of her and her husband posing proudly with their daughter, who’s having the best spring ever. The glowing graduate is headed off to attend the University of Southern California this fall.

Rochon, who’s famous for iconic roles in films like Waiting To Exhale and Why Do Fools Fall In Love, is clearly one proud mama right now.

This is just precious.


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