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[MUSIC] What I love about m hair is being able to switch it up, I think that's just so exciting. [MUSIC] I must be completely honest. For me, it's been a journey in loving my hair, my texture. It's actually some of my favorite times when I'm at home and I take my extensions out and I'm able to wear my little fro all around the house. And I remember once, my husband saw it and he goes, I really like your hair like that. [MUSIC] What made me cut my hair was Each lady in the group wanted to have their own identity and for me it was really important to have that of course. So actually I didn't wanna do it, I was nervous about doing it and Tina Knowles are, Tina Knowles [UNKNOWN] now. [UNKNOWN] at the time she said [MUSIC] You will look so great with short hair and I got nervous but she cut my hair and there was so fly, and I was one of a kind. I think that was I like the most it's everybody have to look in short hair was mine and I like it. [MUSIC] Black is beautiful means compliments. Black is beautiful. Means warrior. Black is beautiful means timeless, classic, effortless. There's just so many things that black embodies. [MUSIC] Biggest lessons I've learned about my hair and beauty in general is, it's truly your own. You celebrate and Our loud to, to be yourself and be creative, you know, with your style your personal style in your own beauty and I think it is so important to know that, to rock it, and to have confident in it, cuz you never know who you inspiring. [MUSIC]

For many, Mother’s Day is a painful reminder of loved ones they’ve lost. One of those people is Kelly Rowland whose mother passed away around the time she gave birth to her son, Titan.

On Monday, she reflected on her mother and grandmother’s memory with a heartfelt post on Instagram.

“If I stopped for even one moment yesterday, it would’ve been the moment I thought about you and I would’ve lost it,” she said the day after Mother’s Day.

“Today, I let some fall cause I simply miss you! Mothers’ Day was always fun! This one was one of our best memories! You, Gran-Gran, @lala,@csurillo, and myself all out on the boat chillin! I will never forget that day! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you! I love you Momma! I love you a bushel and a peck!”

Rowland, her mother Doris, La La Anthony, and her mother Carmen Surillo hung out together on more than one occasion back in the day, as all the ladies were close.

On a positive note, Rowland has a beautiful son who she enjoys every moment with. When asked about what she plays to get him to calm down, she told recently told ESSENCE, “(Bruno Mars) 24K Magic, (DJ Khaled and Beyoncé) Shine, and Humble by Kendrick Lamar.”