14 Glorious Times Celebs Made Pro-Black Fashion Statements

From Beyonce's epic Superbowl Black Panther moment to T.I.'s recent pro-Black display at the BET Hip Hop Awards, our favorite celebrities are confidently making statements about Black issues and Black beauty through fashion. Check out the stylish moments that opened our eyes, made us remember our greatness (as well as tragedies), and filled us with never-ending pride.

Dominique Hobdy Oct, 07, 2016

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Beyonce channels the women of the Black Panther movement in her black leather beret and dark black shades.

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Beyonce made a highly controversial statement during this year's Super Bowl as she and her dancers paid respect to the Black Panther party with stunning militant outfits.

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Her beret and glasses channel the Black Panthers but her bomber jacket emblazoned with the phrase "stop killing us" on the back is what really set this look apart.

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Dej Loaf hit the VH1 Hip Hop Honors ceremony in a look that was not only cute and on trend but powerful.

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Dej Loaf has a high fashion pro-Black moment in this stunning fur coat, black beret and Black power fist.

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Amandla Stenberg is one of the most woke teenagers out there so it's no surprise that she made it a point to celebrate the magic that Black girls have with this super cute sweatshirt.

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Janelle Monae gives us another hint of '70s militant style with a twist in this leather jacket, beret and round shades.

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We love that on top of being super cute, this leather jacket reminds everyone that Black girls are magic.

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Usher took the ESSENCE Festival stage to not only rock the crowd but to remind fans that Juneteenth is when they should really be celebrating their independence.

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T.I. took the stage at the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards and channeled Black Panthers with his black beret, shades and black leather gloves.

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Spike Lee has been trying to make sure his fans were woke since School Daze so it's no surprise that he's spreading the message through fashion as well.

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Fashion editor Shiona Turini remembers the many names of police brutality victims, making a powerful statement during New York Fashion Week.