Celebrities Call Out Mariah Carey’s Diva Behavior On ‘The House’ Set

By now, we’re all used to the rumors about Mariah Carey’s diva behavior, but it seems the cast and crew of the upcoming comedy The House were still a bit surprised. 

Stars Will Ferrell, Cedric Yarbrough, and Rob Huebel have spoken out about Carey’s on-set antics. 

Ferrell recently told Seth Meyers that Carey’s cameo in the film had to be cut because “there were suggestions that weren’t executed. She was on our set and, um, things happened. Things happened and didn’t happen.”

He added, “Let’s just put it this way: At about midnight, I got a knock on my trailer and said, ‘You can just go home. We’re not going to get to you.'”

Yarbrough revealed in a now-deleted Facebook post that Carey was difficult and abusive. 

“A real funny cameo was SUPPOSED to happen in the new film #TheHouse with the superstar Mariah Carey. But it was ruined by superstar Mariah Carey,” he wrote.

He continued that the singer kept the cast and crew waiting hours to shoot her scene and made absurd suggestions, like a crane shot for a simple stunt and a “large fan for her hair to be blown around.”

“This lady was unprofessional & borderline abusive to our director, who tried his best to appease her every wish.”

Huebel added that Carey had a weird idea to give her character the power to deflect bullets, telling Entertainment Weekly, “She was hired to sing one song, and she was like, ‘You guys, I don’t want to sing that song.’ They’re like, ‘We hired you to sing this song.'”

“So then they were going to do this bit where they shoot her, I think, and they kill her — in the movie. Not in real life. But she didn’t want that. She was like, ‘I don’t think my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?’” 

Carey has yet to comment on the stories about her on-set behavior.