Celeb Cam: Twitpics of the Week December 16

Celeb Cam: Twitpics of the Week

We’re reaching the end of the year and twitpics aren’t slowing down. Take a look at which celebs are beefing up their Twitter presence this week — check out Niecy Nash and her daughter, Sherri Shepherd as Mrs. Claus and plus Russell Simmons and his beautiful daughters and more…

Bowtie Perfect

Check out Chris Brown in his equestrian outfit on the set of a music video. Doesn’t he look handsome!

Hot in Louboutins

Ciara loves her Louboutins. She tweeted this photo of herself before she went onto the Wendy Show.

Rockabye Baby

Rihanna can find a place to sleep anywhere. Doesn’t she look like a sleeping angel?


Angela Simmons can’t stay in one spot for too long. She’s always traveling around the globe, living the life of fabulousity.

Family Time

These Simmons girls are looking more and more like their parents everyday. Doesn’t Ming-Lee look just like Kimora and Aoki-Lee is the spinning image of her father?

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Couple alert! See Brandy along side Terrence J at a basketball game.

Hot Body

Bow Wow is giving the ladies something to drool over. Look at him showing showing off his six-pack before his massage.

Late Night TV

Check out the always outspoken NeNe Leakes backstage at George Lopez. She’s probably every talk show’s favorite guest.

Mrs. Claus

Sherri Shepherd is getting into the Christmas spirit. Check out her Mrs. Claus outfit.

Mother and Daughter

The holidays are about the love. Niecy Nash tweeted this photo saying that her daughter wants her happiness for Christmas.