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Cardi B Explains NYPD Chokehold Accusation

Cardi B is speaking out about claims she was put in a chokehold by an NYPD officer. 

The Bronx-native stopped by  WEDR’s 99 JAMZ to celebrate her number one song “Bodak Yellow” and discuss her music, but soon things turned to the NYPD altercation.

In September, the rapper accused an officer of placing her in a chokehold. The since-deleted tweets read, “I can’t believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now shit is crazy these NY cops don’t know how to do they job F–K 12.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper also confirmed to a fan that the officer was white.

During her interview with 99 JAMZ, the rapper explained that a fender bender led to an argument when she confronted the driver who caused the collision. 

“I got out the car, you know what I’m saying? So I went to the motherf–ker and said, ‘My n—a, I will f–k you up!’ And he’s like said, ‘B—h, I will f–k you up.’ So you know, that shit f—ked me up,” she said.

The rapper continued that she hit his window, then threw a water bottle at him as her cousin got out of the car to back her up. 

“You know that’s my cousin, so I took off my shoe—you know I like to take off my shoe—and I threw it at the n—a! And the n—a threw it at me back! Now, he squares up with my cousinnow the s–t gon’ get real—and out of nowhere, a motherf–ker put me in a chokehold!”

Cardi explained that she felt the officer was too scared to grab the fighting men and instead went for her, placing her hands behind her back “like a chicken wing.”

The NYPD says they can’t find proof of the rapper’s claim, but Cardi says they only issued the statement after she refused to talk to them, calling the NYPD “the biggest gang in New York.”

“It’s just like … you guys be lying,” Cardi added. “And, this is why I don’t talk to y’all. Cuz you guys be lying.”