It takes a certain type of entertainer to be as successful in the acting and music industries as Brandy Norwood has. We grew up watching her on Moesha, sang along to “I Wanna Be Down” and watched her win her first Grammy all before her 18th birthday. When you’ve had an almost 20-year career it’s early to loose track of reality. Brandy has handled her success with humility and grace.

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The singer also opened up about her emotional state, adding, "I've been lost, deep in bondage, suicidal, and didn't know how to call on the Most High."

Sydney Scott
Jan, 03, 2017

Brandy is turning over a new leaf in 2017.

The singer took to Instagram to apologize to fans and reveal that she's been going through a tough time.

"I've been lost, deep in bondage, suicidal, and didn't know how to call on the Most High because I didn't believe I had the right words to be heard. I'm here now more certain than I have ever been and I have arrived at a true understanding of my purpose, worth, and an unconditional love and compassion for myself," she wrote.

The singer also added that this year she'll strive to do better, saying, "#2017 until my demise, I will give my all to everyone in all that I do!! I'm a vessel that has gone through fire to gain my wings and once was a caged bird that #Sang."

She continued by thanking fans and those who've stuck by her, especially her daughter Sy'rai, "Thank you to all that have understood me and prayed for me in my darkest times and to all that I have ever hurt in my life, I felt the same hurt while hurting you. I'm very remorseful and I'm truly sorry for behavior that didn't reflect my true nature, which is love. We are all Gods dream, so let's allow God to take it from here...@syraiiman you saved me angel. I love you more than love."