Brandy and Kim Kardashian, BFF’s? Hard to believe, but that’s exactly how it was before Kim’s much talked about sex tape with Brandy’s brother, Ray-J in 2007.

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The two had a falling out shortly afterwards, but on Monday’s “Wendy Williams Show” Brandy extended an olive branch to Kim, saying she missed their friendship. She tells she’s ready to forgive her brother’s ex. “I think forgiveness is growth and owning up to your mistakes is growth and we both made mistakes in our friendship — but why hold on to that?”

She adds, “Why hold a grudge because at the end of the day, I’ll always love Kim and I know she’ll always love me, whether she expresses it or not. Why hold on to something to only hurt myself? It’s not worth it. “

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As fate would have it, Brandy and Kim are co-starring in Tyler Perry’s new film “The Marriage Counselor.” The singer makes a point to say that despite all of the backlash Tyler Perry has received for casting Kim, she stands behind him. “What I respect about Tyler Perry is that he goes with his gut. He follows his intuition, that guidance we all have within us,” she says. “And I think a part of being the type of mogul that he is, is always listening to that.”


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