The Internet Is Being Hilariously Petty With The #BowWowChallenge
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Out of Bow Wow’s baller faux pas has risen Twitter’s latest challenge. On Monday, Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, shared a photo of a private jet to document his trip to New York for Growing Up Hip Hop press. However, things took a funny turn when someone spotted Bow Wow on their flight to NYC and exposed the entertainer for lying about his means of travel. The tweet went viral on Tuesday and Twitter users quickly came up with a way to share their own faux baller lives with the #bowwowchallenge. This also isn’t the first time Bow Wow’s been exposed for lying. Last year, internet sleuths exposed the reality star and rapper for lying about having box seats at an Atlanta Falcons game, when there was no game on the team’s calendar. We have no clue why Bow Wow would lie about being on a private jet, but maybe now that he’s been exposed he’ll think twice before lying. The internet will always find out the truth and then you’ll get roasted.