Following the death of rapper Mac Miller, Bow Wow has opened up about his own struggle with addiction. The rapper and television personality took to Twitter on Monday to warn his fans to “kick that s–t!” and “be the best you” after revealing that he’s struggled with addiction during his UCP tour with Chris Brown and while working on his Face Off album with Omarion. “To the youth- Stop with these dumb ass drugs,” Bow Wow tweeted. I’mm going to let something out. When me and omarion worked on FACE OFF album. I was high off lean every day! When yall saw me on BET going off on Torae I was high off lean. My attitude everything changed.” Bow Wow urged fans to “break the cycle,” adding, “DRUG-FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! Smarten up tighten up out here. We cant lose no more of you. Not one! I love all y’all.” The news of Bow Wow’s addiction comes shortly after rapper Mac Miller’s tragic death. Miller passed away on Friday from a drug overdose. Various musicians shared their condolences, including rapper J. Cole, who called on fans to reach out if they ever needed someone to listen. “This is a message for anybody in this game that’s going through something,” Cole tweeted. “If you don’t feel right, if you feel you have a substance problem, if you need an ear to vent to. If you uncomfortable talking to people around you. Please reach out to me.” TOPICS: