13 Celebrities Who Are ‘Blackfamous,’ According to Black Twitter
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

What is “blackfamous?” If you were at all on Twitter over the weekend, you might’ve seen a viral tweet that broke down the phenomenon we all know so well.

It all began with a tweet by The Root’s senior writer Michael Harriot, who asked Black Twitter on Friday, “Who is the most ‘blackfamous’ person of all time?” Harriot defined “blackfamous” as “the gap between Black stardom and White anonymity.”

He added, “The highest possible rating on the ‘blackfamous’ scale would be someone EVERY black person knew but was unknown by EVERY white person.”

Over the weekend, the tweet went viral as people flooded the comments to share and debate which celebs Black people absolutely love, but White people have no clue about. (What’s even funnier is that many White Twitter users often chimed in, saying either, “Yes, we’ve heard of them,” or, “Let me Google them”—thus confirming our suspicions.)

Here’s Black Twitter’s picks of “blackfamous” celebrities, who deserve their flowers.