Marvel’s latest film, Black Panther, has racked up a whole lot of money at the box office, smashing through records to become the highest grossing superhero film of all time.

While fans are still making return trips to Wakanda, one of the movie’s stars is feeling extra pressure from the picture’s success for one hilarious reason.

British actress Letitia Wright quickly became a favorite of Black Panther fans because of her portrayal of Shuri, T’Challa’s brilliant and cheeky little sister. In the film, Shuri not only got to flex her technological skills and explain the powers of vibranium to a colonizer, but she did it all while cracking jokes on her older brother, the king of Wakanda.

In one moment in the film, Shuri takes a jab at her brothers’ sandals by quoting the viral meme, “What are those?!” The line was a hit with moviegoers, but Wright joked that she doesn’t leave her house without feeling uneasy about her show game.

“Can’t lie I’m nervous because my sneaker game has to always be on point now, she wrote on Twitter. “I know people are waiting to scream ‘what are thoseeee???’”


While Wright may be nervous about her footwear from now on, so far, the 24-year-old actress said Nike’s been keeping her fresh.

“It’s cool da homies at @Nike they’ve been saving me from being called out,” she told fans.

And judging by the film’s massive success, we don’t think Wright will have to worry about anyone joking about her shoes anytime soon.

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