After the Show: ‘Black-ish’s’ Laws of Attraction

In true black-ish form, I’m beginning this post with the line, “Poor Dre.” Because seriously, poor Dre just can’t catch a break.

Tonight’s episode found him feeling like he had to prove his manhood after a run-in with some random guy who disrespects Bow at the valet. (Then again, having your wife grilling steaks and installing flat screen TV’s could mess with your manhood, I guess.) Back to the confrontation with the random guy: Pops steps up, chest puffed up and says “Whatchu willing to lose today, son?” Said random dude immediately backs off because Pops kinda sounds like Ike Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It? #jussayin

Dre’s crazy pyromaniac momma Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) especially loves this move from her estranged ex-husband. “I see you found that smile I used to love,” says Pops. A little spark is rekindled in Ruby. Not so much for Bow, whose fire is immediately switched off by her husband’s lack of action. “You turned her off,” a colleague later tells Dre. There’s a lot of turning off and on tonight. Dre responds to his assumed emasculation by taking action—nevermind that it’s delayed and way off—like trying to show his “edge” by driving out to a hot dog stand in an unsafe neighborhood. The whole plan backfires with hilarious results, as Dre’s plans often do.

Favorite lines:
“Neck all hurting after Scandal

“Take me, big rig!”

“Did you say Aids or Eggs?”

“Now You wanna boss up, over carrot cake?”