Black Celebrities Who Have Said 'All Lives Matter'

It's true. All lives do matter. But when Black communities are living under the scourge of state violence, disproportionately affected by inequalities ranging from access to employment and education to experiencing an unjust criminal justice system and police violence, the phrase – commonly used by those criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement – dismisses the specific and urgent issues of Black people. And in the middle of what can be considered the largest Black liberation movement in recent history, it's also insensitive. Many Black celebrities, from Stacey Dash to Nia Long, have come under fire for using the phrase. And while some have apologized for tweeting or proclaiming the words, others are sticking to their beliefs. Check out who they are.

Essence Oct, 13, 2016

1 of 14 Noel Vasquez

During a recent promotional event in Las Vegas, Mayweather said the following: “I’m here to say all lives matter. A lot of times, we get stuck, and we are followers. When you hear one person say, ‘black lives matter,’ or ‘blue lives matter’ ― all lives matter. What I learned from boxing and what everyone can take in real life is follow directions, follow orders. Don’t give nobody a hard time.”

2 of 14 Lou Rocco/Getty Images

During a hot topic segment on 'The View,' Symone said that while she understands the Black Lives Matter movement, she believes it should be "all lives matter."

3 of 14 C Flanigan/WireImage

The football Hall of Famer recently apologized for saying All Lives Matter to criticize Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protests. “When I tweeted {All Lives Matter} I didn’t know about the movement going on between {Black Lives Matter}. I want to apologize for my mistake!”

4 of 14 CBS Photo Archive

In a 2015 tweet to bring awareness to criminal justice reform, Long proclaimed that "All Lives Matter."

5 of 14 Jason LaVeris

After the police shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in summer 2016, Short surprised fans when he tweeted: "ALL LIVES MATTER! Especially the alligator closest to the boat which is black lives. Unfollow me I do. Not. Care. It's time to transcend."

6 of 14 Francois Nel

The mom-to-be once tweeted that All Lives Matter while promoting her single, "Can't Be Stopped."

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Johnny Nunez

The rapper probably has party plans for June 7.

8 of 14 Bennett Raglin/BET

The American Idol singer canceled her concert, 'Hear Me Now — All Lives Matter,' after facing scrutiny.

9 of 14 Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The Fox host has criticized the Black Lives Matter movement a number of times, using the counter "All Lives Matter."

10 of 14 Tasia Wells/Getty Images

McMillan has been vocal about supporting the BLM movement, but she did find herself in a pickle after tweeting that All Lives Matter in 2015.

11 of 14 David Livingston/Getty Images

While trying to bring awareness to police shootings, the rapper (and newest boyfriend of the Kardashian clan) tweeted that All Lives Mattered.

12 of 14 Kimberly White/Getty Images for Glamour

The actress almost found herself in a situation after tweeting, “It is all lives matter," before clarifying her statement.

13 of 14 Jason LaVeris

The Love & Hip Hop star was dragged online for saying the following: "If we say black lives matter, why don’t all lives matter. Just like all blacks aren’t bad, neither are all cops, let’s unite.”

14 of 14 Prince Williams/WireImage

While trying to conflate the false notion of black-on-black crime with police shootings, Gates proclaimed that all lives matter during a rant criticizing the black liberation movement.