Beyoncé nearly broke the internet on Sunday evening when she posted photos from an elaborate event called The Carter Push Party. 

Bey was beautifully dressed to show off her growing belly bump, and she and her hubby Jay Z were glowing with excitement for the impending arrival of their twins. 

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The soireé was no simple thing because well, the Carters are all about going big or going home. 

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While a push present is indeed a thing–usually the gift the new mother receives from her partner after giving birth–the idea of a push party is a little different. 

During pregnancy, most women have baby showers to celebrate the arrival of their newborn, complete with games, gifts and guests. “Push parties” are usually reserved for the second or third child and invites are extended to men where baby showers are usually ladies-only affair. 

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From the looks of Yoncé’s event, she, Jay Z and all of their family and friends had a great time celebrating the twin babies before they arrive!