Tracey Edmonds is out to prove that you can’t judge a city girl by her zip code.

The Extra-TV co-host may live in Beverly Hills but she embraces the countryside and all that comes with it, including the lawn work.

Tracey frequently visits her boyfriend, retired NFL star Deion Sanders and his family in Dallas, and when she’s there she knows she’s getting her hands dirty.

Father’s Day weekend was no exception. While visiting with Deion, the former television producer took on some of Primetime’s outdoor chores by tackling the lawn mower among other things.  In a fun video posted by Deion you’ll see the NFL correspondent supervising Tracey as she learns how to cut the grass on a riding mower.

“My baby @traceyeedmonds aint BOOGEEE! Just because she lives in Beverly Hills that don’t mean she’s BOOGEEE! MY baby on a John Deere cutting that thang in #CantonTexas. Show them baby show them,” Deion shared.

There’s nothing like a couple enjoying one another’s hobbies and pastimes together. Tracey even went fishing with Deion and his family and proudly caught a huge fish.

@traceyeedmonds aka #TraceyDuke living this country life for real. #CantonTexas #Truth

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The couple make long-distance relationships look easy as they’ve been dating since 2012.

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