9 Valuable Love Lessons From Beth and Randall's Marriage On ‘This Is Us’

Lauren Porter Sep, 27, 2017


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Beth and Randall aren’t exempt from having their fair share of problems. Part of their charm as a couple is that throughout the good and the bad, they communicate well—whether they're in the mood to disagree or not.

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One of the most beautiful things about the show is Randall’s emotional vulnerability and how supportive Beth is of it. She encourages him to cry and she aids him in being expressive about his thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Likewise, Randall is always there for Beth with a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.

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No couple is exempt from a little playful teasing within their marriage and Mr. and Mrs. Pearson know that well. No matter what, they joke on each other with love, and that's the important thing. Towards the end of the season, Beth polices Randall's outfit choice in a hilarious way that only a wife can by saying, "Please take off that shirt, baby, it wasn't cool on Sisqo in 2001 and it's not cool now...I love you, I just don't like the shirt." And yes, he took of the shirt!

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Spoiler Alert!

In season 1 of the hit NBC series, Beth and Randall went through their fair share of ups and downs, including meeting Randall's father William for the first time, letting him move in and ultimately burying him. Confronting Randall's mother Rebecca about William's well being, Beth's pregnancy scare and Randall's anxiety. Through it all, they remained strong in their union and served Black love realness. 

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Beth and Randall have undeniable chemistry. From their quick one liners to the looks they shoot each other from across the room when they just "know," their relationship has always been everything. In one of the most emotional episodes of the series "Memphis," Beth and Randall are in a therapist's office, when the shrink says, "You two sure are adorable.” Accepting the compliment humbly, the pair reply, "We know…” in unison! When you know, you just know.

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While Beth will “call marriage” to help Randall focus on life at home, she always allows her husband the space to work through his anxieties, frustrations and woes alone—and vice versa. In a wonderful working marriage like theirs, they know that sometimes solitude is the solution in their partnership.

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Beth doesn’t hold back on basking her bae in love and affection. In episode 2, fans saw Randall running shirtless on the treadmill in the couple’s bedroom. In an attempt to settle her husband’s frantic filled thoughts, Beth said, "If you shower quick you can work off those last five minutes a different way.” Viewers around the world let out a collective, "YAAASSSS!" because even when you’ve been together as long as these too it’s always important to keep things hot.

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Every couple is busy and when there is work and children involved it often feels like you both are moving in two different directions. No matter where life takes Beth and Randall they always make time to remain grounded in each other. 

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From the very start of the series, fans could see how devoted Beth and Randall were to their daughters Tess and Annie. The couple always puts there little ones first, especially while juggling William’s illness and Kevin’s manny meltdown. No one makes balancing parenthood look as good as these two.