We're Keeping A List Of Beth And Randall's Most Epic and Romantic Quotes On 'This Is Us'

Lauren Porter Oct, 11, 2017

It’s no secret why everyone is obsessed with NBC’s smash hit drama This Is Us. Onscreen husband and wife duo Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) Pearson are Black love GOALS! Now that season 2 is well underway, the Pearsons continue to drop one love gem and sexy one-liner after another, and their fans are falling head over heels for their love language. Sigh…has TV finally created the perfect couple? The Pearsons are real and also madly in love with one another. No love story is perfect, but they’re committed to communicating and making theirs work—all of which make us fall even more in love with them each week.

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"You know what my sexual preference is? For you to get your ass in this tub," said Beth. Yes girl!

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“If you shower quick you can work off those last five minutes in a different way," said Beth to Randall as she threw him the eyes!

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"I love it when you cook your feelings," said Beth to Randall. That's a mood for sure.

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“Everything is a little better with a little Beth on it," Randall exclaimed. "You’re the chocolate sauce on my ice cream girl.” #Swoon!

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“You and me? We can do anything,” Beth said to the love of her life.

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"The girls came out good, but we made them great." -Beth to Randall <--- THIS!