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[MUSIC] Alright, hey guys. I'm here with the star of the year right here. Miss Teyana Taylor, how are you mama? I'm good, baby. What's up? It's so good to see you and I'm so proud of you. Thank you. You're killing it. Obviously, this has been a huge year for you. You're With everything that's been happening fade to bits Are you signed up for it? Yes. So I'm ready. Submit to get fit. Yes, fadetobits.com. That's where you tell everybody. First of all, you said white. And I saw that you had changed your name on Twitter to Mrs. Teyana- You so petty, you so petty. M.J. Shumpert. And I had seen that you posted a photo on Instagram, so you know I have to ask you, was that from your wedding? Yes, it was. We got hitched, it was like go ahead, baby, grab your biker, let's get hitched. [INAUDIBLE] So you just got hitched? Yeah, it was like a movie. This year? Yeah. It was like a movie. It was amazing. So you won't tell me anything about it? We're still gonna do a big wedding Okay. That's that. Baby, I love you. Let's get married. So just mommy, his mom, baby junior- Yes. And just friends? Yeah. In New York? It was very small, very small in Cleveland. In Cleveland? We actually. We Got married when Junie was born. That's so. In your apartment? Yeah. Cool. That's so great. And you got matching jackets? Just in front of the crime scene. [LAUGH] Where it all went down. Where it all went down. [LAUGH] That's so awesome. Well congratulations. [INAUDIBLE] I got to know what prayer you prayed [LAUGH] Because you've got a beautiful baby. You've got Eman who is now a championship winner. Like you're life from early last year, from now until then, has blown up. But what do you tell yourself [CROSSTALK]. a positivity or that's Judy and God, you know because if you realize. You got to think about it. Like Judy came and Everything got better. Exactly. You know what I'm saying. Like tour was happening, sold out tour was happening. The voter championship she came and gained seven meetings [INAUDIBLE]. Father's Day happened. Wow. Like everything was so perfect. You know, like buzzed and it was just amazing and Juni came and she is a complete angel, she is God sent, I'm telling you. We're about to head out of here but before we go Tell everybody about this fate to fit cause we're ready to get smashed. Yeah, that fate to fit though, you know what's crazy, I was talking to my partner yesterday, and I was like when should we release it? We were trying to figure out a release date. Yeah. And we came to the conclusion that we should go on and just [UNKNOWN]. We want to put it out but at the same time, I don't want to put it out and then, I want people to enjoy their Thanksgiving. Eat. Because I am going. Exactly and then on Christmas we have to provide that power. Yes. You've gotta get that build up you know, so when January one come it's the new year, you're starting off new. New Year, new me. You know what I'm saying you know that this is literally new year, new me Me for all of my subscribers. Yeah. Cuz it's gonna be real. Yeah. We got the power, we got the mats, we got the boxing gloves. We have everything. You can do it from your living room. You can look good. it's gonna be cold. Do something perfect, do it right in your living room. You've thought about this. Right, that's what I'm saying to you. Genius right here. You have to get out. I mean, I know we get excited, we get very impatient. Cuz I was ready to release it tomorrow. Yeah, yeah. But I was like, no, we gotta give it some time. But I was would have been Previews and little stuff here and there, little rehearsals so they can see what's going on and making fun and as easy as possible. Be real, you know? Yeah, well thank you so much Tiana. We love you, we're so proud of you at Essence. Make sure you guys send in Tiana, all the love. Tiana, Taylor, Enrique. Especially when this baby could come out. It's time to give me my cover. I think I earned it. Y'all heard that [UNKNOWN]. Super mom. [UNKNOWN] you heard it. Super mom. Well, thank you so much, Tiana. I'm super mom.

Everyone knows one of the keys to a happy and healthy marriage is having success in the bedroom–just ask Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert. 

The singer and star of VH1’s The Breaks posted a picture on Instagram over the weekend sharing that, ahem, as soon as her man got home, it was “going down.”

Yea. So. After. That. Game. It's. Going. Down. 😋👅😋

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“Yea. So. After. That. Game. It’s. Going. Down.,” she captioned the steamy photo of she and her husband from Kanye Weat’s Fade video in which she was the star. 

The delighted reigning NBA champ playfully commented under his wife’s lusty invitation and teased that he was more than satisfied after their rendezvous in the bedroom.

Oh that's what they call you #ImanShumpert 👀 #TeyanaTaylor #BaeWatch

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Iman and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in round two of the NBA playoffs against the Toronto Raptors. They lead the eastern conference semifinal series 1 to 0. 

Glad to see the basketball star is winning both on and off the court, kudos to you Teyana! 

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