On a dark and rainy Tuesday night at the Footaction headquarters in New York City, Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are nothing but a force of light and love as they shoot a promotional video in partnership with Hot 97 for “Free Flow: Cuffing Confessions.”

The real-life love and basketball couple helped give three guys a makeover right on time for cuffing season

As their daughter, Iman “Tayla” Shumpert Jr. cooed sweet little baby sounds in the background, we chatted with the undisputed “it” couple of 2016 about their killer year, the songs on their cuffing season playlist–including Gnarls Barkley’s “Smiley Faces” and Teyana’s own, “Request”–what Christmas will look like this year for their little family of three and whether or not they would ever share their love story on reality tv.

“Without a doubt Junie will believe in Santa, a Black Santa though,” Teyana replied as she beamed about her pride and joy, who will soon celebrate her first Christmas. “We definitely will be tearing up these boxes, she just loves touching stuff.”

As for what kind of cookies, Santa, aka hubby Iman, would prefer, the NBA champ chimed in that macadamia nut cookies with a side of hot chocolate are the only key required to satisfy his sweet tooth.

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When it comes to gifts, the Shumperts are all about fulfilling each other’s wildest dreams when they unwrap presents from underneath the tree.

“We do more like, what you need and what you’ve been ‘complaining’ about,” Iman says with a sly smile cutting his eyes at his wife who returns a smirk. 

As for 2017, these two have no plans on slowing down and will continue to take their love to new heights in the new year.

“The goal is to just keep growing and grinding.”

Because it’s easy to see the love that oozes from the two of them in person, it only makes sense to ponder the thought about their love being captivated for reality tv—the classy kind, of course. 

When mentioning the passing thought, the basketball phenom says while he thinks he and Teyana are definitely entertaining, the idea of a show isn’t something he thinks would work.

“Would people really watch that?!,” Iman asks in all seriousness. “I don’t know if I could watch myself like that.”

Um, let’s be honest. We’d all watch.

Check out Teyana and Iman as they help out three lucky guys who are ambitious enough to brave cuffing season in style.


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