At any given moment, Tamia and Grant Hill are one of the couples in Black Hollywood we can always turn to for major love inspo and goals.

The pair has been married for nearly two decades, and through it all, they have remained both best friends and lovers who do the work together.

While in conversation about her forthcoming new album, Passion Like Fire, the Ontario, Canada native dropped the ultimate gem about how she and the former NBA all-star get through the rough patches in their marriage. For starters, don’t make it seem harder than it has to be, she says.

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“We were just talking about how people were asking just these deep questions, and we were like, at the end of the day, it’s not deep,” Tamia told ESSENCE. “Marriage is not deep. It isn’t complicated, you’re just trying to make it.”

Of course, consistent positivity and words of affirmation can help too.

“Every day you are just saying to each other, ‘we are going to work it out, we are going get through it together,’ [because] it’s not about looking into each other’s eyes, it’s about looking in the same direction. So, there’s no secret.”

Now that’s a word!

The couple married on July 24, 1999, and they have two daughters, Myla Grace Hill, 16, and Lael Rose Hill, 10. 

Continuing to inspire us with their love, the songstress and the hooper currently star in season 2 of OWN’s Black Love doc.

But, they’ve always been willing to share their love story with their fans.

“One day, in the morning, she made this bomb French toast,” Hill once recalled of the moment he knew she was the one. “And I was like, ‘I could marry her.’ I mean, she’s strong, she’s beautiful, she’s a fighter, we’re compatible, and she can cook? And so, I knew I could marry her.”


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