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Tamar Braxton Says Marriage Rumors Brought Her Closer to Husband

She and husband Vince Herbert talked to Wendy Williams about all those divorce and love child rumors. 

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Monday to catch up with the daytime host and promote the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values.

Vince, who’s lost around 90lbs, talked about his major weight loss and changed diet that consists of less meat. 

“I feel great, I’m not taking 13 pills anymore,” he confessed. “I changed my diet completely. [I eat meat] a lot less because of your husband. We talk about it all the time.”

Wendy then got straight to business with all the juicy questions.

When asked about the divorce rumors constantly swirling around them, Tamar answered, “Let me just tell you something, we’ve been through a lot in this past year.”

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“It did nothing but bring our relationship closer. Because you know, I’m not gonna sit here and act like we don’t argue and we don’t fight. We work together, there’s a lot of things to disagree about. But I think that we’ve come to the point where we know that this is where we are suppose to be.”

In response to the rumor that Vince had a love child with a woman who claims they slept together the day before his wedding to Tamar, she also responded again. 

“I felt like my character was tried. [People think] If Vince had a love child, I would be the type of woman to just accept him and not his child. Well to me, that’s not love, because you can’t just love a part of a person. You have to love the whole person. And everything that comes with that person. That’s that.”

When asked about her relationship with the hosts on The Real, almost a year after leaving the show, Tamar kept it classy.

“I saw Tia yesterday at the airport,” she said to which Wendy asked, “What did you say?” 

“I said ‘hi’,” Tamar said. 

Adding, “The only person I’m beefing with, is the devil. I’m not beefing with anyone in my life. “

Braxton Family Values returns to WeTV on March 16 at 9pm E/T.