25 Beautiful Photos From Barack And Michelle Obama's Iconic 25 Year Marriage

Lauren Porter Oct, 03, 2017

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It all started for Barack and Michelle on a summer day in 1989 before tying the knot on October 3, 1992 and over the years, their love has shown us how to be resilient, powerful, graceful, strong and most of all--Black and beautiful.

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With every fist bump the former President and First Lady shared, we know there was loads of love behind it.

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For Barack's two successful Presidential runs, Michelle was always by his side and that's what 25 years of marriage means.

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Looking at life with this means love in your eyes is just so special!

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During the 2009 Inauguration, the newly sworn in President and First Lady shared a smooch and made our hearts swoon.

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Just look at the way Barack looks at Michelle, it's perfect!

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When Barack is in Michelle's arms, life is oh-so good.

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Whether they are dressed up or keeping it casual, their love always beams bright!

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Now this is how you look at the love of your life!

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Even the Easter bunny is in awe with their love!

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This love is worth more than words can express!

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When you have someone who makes sure you look just as good as they do, that's when you know you've found the one!

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Oh you know, just casually sneaking in a kiss because when love calls you must oblige!

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When the love is this good, all you can do is smile

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From their very first date eating Baskin-Robbins ice cream on the curb to their amazing years in the White House, Mr. and Mrs. Obama have always personified love.

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In all that these two have done, for the community, country and beyond, they've always had the support of each other and that's what is most important.

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Yet again, Mrs. Obama shows off why she'll always and forever be Barack's first lady!

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Good times with the one you love should always look this joyous.

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The Obamas never shy away from showering each other with affection and we love that!


We imagine that date night between these two is pretty darn spectacular!

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Don't you just love the way these two look at each other!

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When you've found the one to whom your soul belongs, there is nothing that can keep you two apart.

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We love the way Barack loves Michelle and that he isn't afraid to admit it!

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We know what that look means Mr. President!

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Can we get a hand clap of praise for this love?!