Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey Are Living Their Best Lives On Vacation Right Now

The Harveys' anniversary vacation photos look like something out of a travel ad, and we can't wait for more. See their love on the go as they celebrate nine years of happily ever after.

Charli Penn Jun, 23, 2016

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"Time to play hard" wrote Mrs. Harvey when she shared this photo a week ago when they embarked on their big trip to an unknown location.

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The Harveys stay close and ride the waves somewhere in paradise.

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We don't know what's more beautiful, this photo of the happy couple or the background.

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The Harveys were last spotted in Portofino, and we can't wait to see where they head next.

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When love is your best accessory, you can pose to perfection anywhere.

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The couple celebrated Father's Day away from home with a fantastic stop for dinner during their Porotfino visit.

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Could Mrs. Harvey look any more at ease as she rides around paradise with her husband in tow?

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The couple will celebrate nine years of marital bliss officially on June 24th.