Lesson of the day: prayers from the heart really do come true!

Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee are living proof that manifestation is real when it comes to love. After praying to find his wife in 2015, the Power star has successfully put a ring on his future “Mrs. Buttascotch.” Rotimi recently shared the news that he proposed to his girlfriend Vanessa Mdee with a dazzling ring fit for a queen.

In the Instagram post, he also reveals that this relationship is one that he prayed for years ago. “She said YES,” he writes. “You are my everything. My angel. In 2015 I prayed that whoever my wife was going to be and wherever she was at the moment I hoped that she was happy, having a good day and receiving GOD’S abundance.”

He continues: “Fast forward… YOU… you make me such a better man.. Im in debt to GOD For you. I will pay him back by loving you & giving you eveyrhing that you deserve.”

Rotimi also shared a video of himself surprising Mdee with the ring. It appears his surprise went off without a hitch, as the ecstatic bride jumps for joy.

Mdee also shared her excitement on social media, revealing people initially doubted her when she said she knew Rotimi was her husband after only a few weeks of dating. “A year and a half ago the world laughed at me when I said I knew YOU were my husband only days after spending time with you. I didn’t blame them, after all it’s an uncommon and inexplicable feeling when you meet your soulmate. ( Also they’d met the Vee who had no plans to be married).”

“YOU saved my life in ways only a man appointed and anointed by GOD could,” The Tanzanian artist writes to her husband-to-be. “There are no words to describe the power of surrendering to GOD and in this case to LOVE. GOD IS LOVE! I spent my whole life searching for joy and peace in things and places that couldn’t offer [anything] but a temporary high. With your love, I bask in abundance. For everything I did right GOD blessed me with YOU.”

Rotimi and Mdee recently spoke to ESSENCE about their love story, which first began at Essence Festival. Shortly after they began dating, Mdee relocated from Africa to Atlanta to live with Rotimi. “I feel like we’ve been together for lifetimes,” Rotimi said of their bond. “So, this is just this body and I just met her again on this earth. It felt like that from day one, and I’ve never had a connection that instantly. [I told her] I don’t want you to go back to Africa. I want you to stay with me.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!