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Remy Ma and Papoose Get Real Like Never Before About Why Their Marriage Works

For our new podcast, the couple opens up like never before and reveals how they fostered their unbreakable bond.


Sure, Remy Ma has been trending online for the last two weeks for dropping a critically acclaimed rap dis track called “Shether” against Nicki Minaj, but it’s her unbreakable bond with fellow rapper and husband of eight years, Papoose, that really keeps her fans happy.

It has been decided: The Mackies represent #BlackLove right and despite their recent struggles with a heartbreaking miscarriage and dodging public insults from Nicki’s Barbz online, their love and marriage remain as solid as a rock.

For our premiere episode of ESSENCE’s new Yes, Girl! podcast, the couple opened up to host and ESSENCE Senior Relationships Editor Charli Penn like never before to reveal how they fostered their unbreakable bond with prison bars between them and what it really feels like to be #BlackLove goals for millions.

We’ll share a few of the gems they dropped, but you’ll have to subscribe and listen to the full episode to hear first hand why we’re convinced these two are soulmates realized.

Remy On Believing In True Love
“A lot of people they don’t have faith in relationships any more. I know I didn’t. He literally had to beat me over the head for years before I started believing in what he was saying…I had been programmed for years, dude’s ain’t about nothing, they’re gonna cheat. Just deal with it. You know, they’re not…Then I’m like, you know, okay, you’re young and you’re a rapper…especially when I went away he was like, ‘I promise I’m going to be there with you.’ I’m like, ‘Are you dumb?’ No, I didn’t believe him. I t was like three years in, and I’m like, I got four and a half more years; I’ll see you in 2014. And he did it and he proved me wrong so, I probably would have had it much easier had I just believed him from the beginning. I wouldn’t have stressed so much. I wouldn’t have worried so much. I think as we women, we have to start believing our men.”

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Papoose On Their “Black Love” Fame
“We didn’t intend on the people to react like that…it just kind of happened. We were actually concerned at how people would receive us. When she was away I was just advocating for her all the time…I would put up free Remy pictures and all those things. And then when she came home and we finally did Love and Hip Hop we didn’t know how people would react, but surprisingly they loved it.”

Papoose On Why Loyalty Matters Most To Them
“I think all men should challenge themselves to be loyal to be faithful…it’s a better life, but they would never know unless they try. But it has to be with the right female. It has to be a female that makes you feel like she deserves that, she’s worth it.”

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