9 Photos That Prove Michelle Williams And Her Boyfriend Chad Johnson Are New Couple Goals

The singer and the pro sports chaplain are living their very best love lives right now.

Lauren Porter Aug, 10, 2017

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Michelle and Chad certainly are one good looking pair!

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When your man loves to hold you in his arms like this in paradise, life is good!

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Having a little fun there, huh Michelle?

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Now this is photo is all peace and love.

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Michelle and Chad, who is a professional sports chaplain, must get great love advice from former NFL great Emmitt Smith and his wife Pat Smith. The Smiths have been married for over 17 years.

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As Michelle so hilariously pointed out in the caption for this photo, ladies you've got to hold your man and your weave down!

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Now this moment is what we like to call picture perfect!

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When the loving is good, a baecation is most certainly necessary.

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Just look at how happy Michelle and Chad are to be by each other's side!